Hey, do you know you can make even $1000 per day!

Wait!.. What?

Yes, you heard it right! A perfect niche that is your core interest can give you this kind of money in a short period of time.

Niche is highly matters for any affiliate sites, it is always considered as a way to succeed. Even in 2021, you can make this kind of money by just going with your interest.

I drilled down from all the best niches for affiliate marketing in this post. These are evergreen niches and give significant growth from decades to all of those who joined.

In this article, all the niches have low entry cost and high return on investment(ROI). This means you don’t need to spend your money, but after entering it you can generate an impressive income source.

Alright, let’s get deep into it!

Why Niche is Important For Affiliate Marketing?

Niche is highly important for affiliate marketing. It’s only because if you have a specific niche and have great knowledge about it then that niche can be your money-making source.

So it’s a proverb that if you have better clarity on your niche, then no one can beat you in the market for getting better exposure.

Another strong reason for a niche in affiliate marketing is profitability. If your niche is not profitable, then it’ll no longer survive for affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing, the main thing promoting and if your niche is not profitable around products and services, then you can’t make money from it.

However, I made a detailed article about the world’s best affiliate programs or you can say affiliate network that you can go with and promote their products. There are millions of products and you can find your niche related products either.

Selecting a profitable niche can give you so much of advantages like,

  • You can get more sales and engagement
  • High profit and boost your revenue
  • Able to make a good trust
  • As per market value, you can get more visibility
  • Can make a good relationship with audiences

So, it is very important to select and go with a niche that is profitable. Because if your niche does not have enough potential, then after a period you’ll feel that you should go with another one. It already happened to me and that time is my worse time ever.

Because the very big problem is to start from the starting. You have to change everything like the article writing style, the content research, and you have to take enough knowledge about that new niche.

However, I made a practical niche strategy about micro niche blog ideas which are impressively working on 2021, and you can go with it because micro niches are golden niches that can make you more revenue in a very small time.

How to Choose A Niche For Affiliate Marketing?

This is a very good question that I found from surveys, forums and many other networks. Because this occurs when people are not able to identify even their interest.

So while selecting your niche, you should look around these things like,

  • That niche should have some best products in the market
  • Other affiliates in the same niche promoting most of the products
  • Research the market that how the other marketer or affiliates are making money from that particular niche
  • Also, research with an estimated vision of how much money other affiliates are earning from that niche
  • What is the market trend about that niche (you can use Google trend for research)

Pro Tip: Don’t go with those niches, which have no competition. This is a very big misunderstanding that people have. In my opinion, you should go with a competitive niche as I did. Your blog will take time to grow, but it worth it. Because where there is competition, there is money. If there is no competition, then there is no money and no profit.

Always remember one thing that you should pick a niche after successful and complete research that helps you in the long run.

7 Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing

These niches are performing well in the market for decades, and I believe that this niche can help you to identify future profit.

These niches have a great market value and give significant traffic, revenue and much more to the individual affiliates and agencies. If you want to go with one of these niches, then I would recommend you to choose wisely and take a brief market analysis.

1. Digital Marketing Niche

Digital marketing is kind of ocean where anyone can jump and swim. This means it is literally a very wide niche that includes many sub-niches.

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It is considered one of the most competitive niches all over the globe. The global digital marketing market value was $290–310 billion in 2019, which is much higher than other niches and also predicted to increase at $330–340 billion in CAGR of 12.8 in 2020.

The total market is going digitally that covers websites, mobile apps, social media, emails and search engine, etc.

But here a good news for you, if you are from the digital marketing niche then I created a dedicated article where I mentioned some top paying affiliate programs that are going in the digital marketing category and you go with it and can choose which are best for you.

How you can make money from Digital marketing niche?

There are thousands of products, software and many more things to promote as an affiliate. With some great commission-based programs, you can take your normal blog to a strong revenue-making blog.

Here are some sub-niches that are included in the digital marketing category,

  • SEO – Analyzing how the market works and optimizing your website, apps and product around that
  • Search Engine Marketing – Search engine marketing is gaining traffic by running ads on a different kind of search engine.
  • Content Marketing – Content marketing is a way by which you can distribute content to your audience consistently and gaining popularity.
  • Video Marketing – Video marketing is used for educating people in your niche and drives them to your page and generates conversion.
  • Email Marketing – In email marketing, you can take your audience emails and later you can mail them and generate conversions.
  • Web Design and Optimization – By this, you can optimize your website by designing and modifying it and make more visibility in the market.

You can also make a successful blog by making great articles, useful videos and interact with your audience. Doing a proper SEO you can rank on top of Google and drive unlimited traffic to your blog which will later convert give you more sales.

2. Gaming Niche

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The gaming industry is really going like a skyrocket! From a study of MarketWatch, the gaming industry has $179.7 billion in the industry in 2020, it left movies and the North American sports industry combined behind and overtook it.

Nowadays people like to take a game break and spend their time gaming. However, it does not matter what genders you are in or what age you are in because games are for fun and everyone like to play.

And this is the advantage of gaming industries that other marketer and business owners looked at and start their business around gaming.

How you can make money from Gaming niche?

There are many ways you can make money through the gaming niche by promoting other products. If you are thinking about how much money can you earn from gaming, then the answer will be huge.

Because there are many sub-niches in the gaming niche which are considered as low competition niches for affiliate marketing, you can grab those niches and make your way through them.

If you head back to all the gaming products, then there are many in the market and those products have affiliate option by which you can promote. Some of them are,

  • Gaming laptop
  • Keyboards
  • PlayStation
  • Gaming mobiles
  • Gaming computers
  • Gaming chair
  • Gaming headset

These are some top selling affiliate products which can be used as a micro-niche site.

There are lots of products that are being sold by many affiliates, and they are making crazy commissions. You can explore more by joining gaming affiliate programs and increase your revenue source.

3. Gadgets/Technology Niche

Technology and gadgets changed our lives daily and we are strongly connected with them. If you are passionate about technology and gadgets, then it is best for you to start a tech blog where you can engage your audience.

Tech invention is held every minute and if you want to survive in the tech field, then you have to update your audience with the latest news at first. It is also considered a profitable niche for affiliate marketing.

However, it is a very broad niche where if you want cover everything then it is going to be impossible unless you have a huge team to divide everything.

How you can make money from Tech niche?

You can surf with literally millions of products that are listed on the internet. As I said, if you have knowledge in sub-niches then go with it and stick with that only sub-niche.

  • Mobile Technology – If you have strong knowledge of mobile technology then many mobile products are available outside, you can promote them on your blog, website, social media or on any platform you have.
  • PC Technology – In PC technology you can promote computer-related products like laptops, the hardware of PC and there are many products that you can go with and make a huge revenue source from that.

Pro Tip: Stick with one sub-niche or micro-niche till you have the successful market knowledge and get the idea of how you can take your site zero to one, then you can jump to another sub-niche and make content around that.

The interesting thing about the gadget niche is, in the flow of time the technology will never die because every day new gadgets are invented and people are curious to know about that.

4. Health & Fitness Niche

Everyone wants their body to be fit. The craze of fitness and health is always sky high.

The global smart healthcare market size was estimated to reach USD 185.3 billion in 2020, which is very high. And the interesting thing is, you don’t need to be an expert or certified to share your medical and fitness thoughts.

Share your general knowledge about health and fitness in the flow of time and by doing research you can get to know about all things about health and fitness.

How you can make money from Health & Fitness niche?

You can create a website where you can stick with a sub-niche because health and fitness is a huge niche and you can’t cover everything at once.

As there are lots of products around health and fitness, you promote them as health and fitness products give you a very good commission.

Here is some sub-niche that you can go with.

  • Weight loss – You can write an article about how to lose weight by dieting and you can give them a different type of diet recipes and promote weight loss product
  • Bodybuilding – Bodybuilding is a huge niche where you can write articles about how to maintain your body and how to control your food to gain body
  • Healthy Food – Healthy eating is very necessary for the body as it creates a positive impact on our thinking, working and daily work ethics. Create a blog that educates people about it.
  • Skincare – Skincare is all about how to acne, skin rashes, and warts, etc. You can create a blog and mention all the treatment for it and educate people.

These all niches have a different kind of products and all those products are available in almost every eCommerce store and those are high commission-based.

If you go with the health and fitness niche then there are many low competition niches available in the sub-niche category you can go with them and make your blog.

5. Fashion Niche

Fashion niche is a best niche for amazon affiliate marketing. Because amazon has millions of products and 20-30% of products are fashion related product, so the profit is always high.

However, again the fashion niche itself is always high for decades. Fashion is a very powerful niche and considers as one of the best niches in affiliate marketing and if you start your affiliate journey based upon this, then you won’t regret it later.

Whenever there is a new trend launch in the market, people are excited to grab that trend because no-one wants to have old fashion by the flow of time. If you throw contrast between the year 2000 and the year 2021, there is a significant difference among the people’s fashion.

Whether it would be your dressing style, outfit, boots, shoes, shades, gowns, ties, and accessories, etc. It highly matters for everyone to look good.

How you can make money from Fashion niche?

It is very simple because nowadays fashion things are sold out in a crazy way. And you need to take the advantage of it.

There are thousands of platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, eBay and lots of other platforms that sell fashions for things and you can be a part of it.

You can take an affiliate partnership with these platforms and promote their product easily. Here are some sub-niches that you can go with.

  • Head-wear
  • Jewellery
  • Shirts
  • Coats
  • Belts
  • Ties
  • Pants
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Accessories

Affiliate with these products will give you a significant commission range that will increase your revenue range like a skyrocket.

You can also get access to the festival deals when products have an impressive discount like 50%-80% OFF in Black Friday deal, Cyber Monday deal, etc.

6. Sports Niche

There are millions of sports lovers all over the globe, and maybe there are very few people existed who don’t love sports. Sports is considered one of the best niches in affiliate marketing, as there are many opportunities around it.

Do you know that the global sports market is predicted to grow to $614.1bn by 2022, this means there is a huge opportunity and if your start your blog or any business around sports right now then it’ll definitely grow as the matrices already show the market stats.

How you can make money from Sports niche?

There are many ways you can make money through Sports affiliate marketing. There are many products listed on a different site, as you just have to take the affiliate partnership and start promoting it.

It clearly gives you the idea that sports is a very huge niche and you should go with sub-niches as it will be easy to boost your site.

Here are some sports sub-niches that you can go with,

  • basketball
  • cricket
  • tennis
  • football
  • baseball
  • cycling
  • E-sport
  • archery

These are some top sub-niches of sports, you can choose one of them and make a website around that. Even these sub-niches have sub-sub-niches which can even more beneficial for you as they are micro-niche.

The interesting thing about the micro niche is there is less audience, but the conversion would be higher because they are a potential audience.

7. Pet Niche

People love their pets, and the whole pet market is laying on these pet owners. Do you know that there are 180 million estimated dogs and cats in the U.S. alone and not just this, the pet industry reaches $100 billion in 2020 in the U.S. alone.

You can imagine now how the pet industry is growing! And it’s the time where you can take the advantage of it. And for this reason, this niche is considered one of the top affiliate marketing niches in the globe.

How you can make money from Pet niche?

There are many pet products that you can promote, here are some of example:

  • Pet Bed
  • Pet House
  • Dog Seat Cover
  • Multifunction Biting Toys
  • Dog Toothbrush
  • Pet Grooming
  • Pet Painting
  • Novelty Cat Beds
  • Dog Jackets
  • Pet Clothes and Accessories
  • Pet Grooming
  • Pet Diet and Recipes

Pro Tip: To get succeed in the pet niche always try to target a specific country that has huge pet lovers. At this time, the U.S. is at the top. So, whatever product you promote on your website related to the pet niche, target those posts to U.S. and U.K. countries. This will give you more sales and more engagement as there is more audience there.

You can dominate the market and choose which audience is best for this niche. However, there is almost every business in this niche that are giving crazy commission on pet niche that is going to be gold for you.

Here are some doubts that you might have in your mind that how these can profitable for you, but these FAQs can solve all your queries.

How to choose a niche for affiliate marketing?

I recommend you to go with your interest. Because of your interest in your niche. Whatever areas of interest you have, if you want to go with it then make market research to know that if your interest niche has enough potential to make money or not. In an affiliate marketing blog you should first look around the money, if there is no money in your niche, shift it to another niche.

Is health niche profitable?

Yes, it is a very profitable niche even in 2021 and beyond, because the first priority of a person is to take care of their health. You can even promote health-related products either. There are many products available in the market like skincare products, bodybuilding products, weight loss product etc.

What are the best niches 2021?

Digital marketing, fashion and gaming niches are trending niches in 2021. As these are broad niches, you can go with sub-niches that are not much competitive but have potential traffic that can give you impressive conversion.

How do you find a profitable niche?

If you want to go with a profitable niche then, the first things you have to identify your interest, second is to look around if your niche has the potential to make money in future or not. If there is no money in a niche means there are very fewer products in a niche then you should move on to another niche.


Selecting a niche from scratch is a little difficult as you have almost no idea about which niche will work for you but these niches that I mentioned in this article can be the ideal niches that can help you to create a money-making tree for you.

Because these are the list of most profitable niches which are proven and evergreen niches that never go down in the future. There are a lot of businesses that are standing upon these niches and increasing their revenue every day.

Another important thing is sub-niches have less traffic, but whatever traffic you got those are potential customers and buying-minded people.

Keep blogging, keep hustling!