Taking advantage of blog commenting sites is no doubt a mind-blowing SEO technique. It is a proven strategy that can improve your site in several ways.

But wait, what is the instant approval blog commenting sites that can give you instant traffic, instant links, improve your site’s rankings, and even they contain high DA.

Well, don’t worry about it! I have attached the top 100 blog commenting sites listed in this article so that you can easily access them.

Here’s an interesting thing, it is a pure off-page SEO technique that is the easiest way to build backlinks and improve your authority and many more things.

Alright, let’s do an in-depth analysis.

What Is Blog Commenting In SEO?

We often see in different blogs that people add comments at the bottom of the posts and we are all aware of it that what it is.

People come to articles for reading, take values, and leave a good comment cum thought, which helps other readers what things the article can give them.

It is a decent way to create a relationship between blog owners and readers. Because ultimately you add some extra value to the article and help other readers.

People just thought, add their opinion and ideas that what makes that article even more informative and thorough.

As because commenting is allowed by every blog and website, you can take a minor advantage of it.

Blog Commenting For SEO Still Effective Or Not?

Honestly, yes it is.

Blog commenting for SEO is still effective in order to get a small boost for your website. Because after all, you get backlinks from blog comments, which is kind of good for your site.

It is treated as a white hat SEO, which is 100% legal and good to do. There are plenty of things that you should keep in mind while you blog commenting on other blogs.

Let’s take a deep analysis.

Benefits Of These Blog Commenting Sites

There are tons of benefits that can help you increase you and your blog. Here’s how:

1. Visibility

After adding your comments, other people who are there for reading they also go through your comments and if they get something informative or interesting, then they can definitely visit your website.

People always find some extra ideas, if they got from your text then they definitely follow you in order to take some extra value in other topics.

2. Traffic

Whether it is your comment or other, people always follow those guys who shared knowledge, and that is what you can take advantage of.

People will click on your website in your comments because if you share a kind or honest comment with value then it’s going to happen. Because they want information from someone who is an expert on that topic. You can get some immediate website traffic which are pure filtered and targeted.

You can add backlinks in the comments in order to get some traffic as I mentioned in the previous traffic section. Try to find sites with high authority, which have a higher number of traffic.

If you add information to those websites, then readers will definitely redirect to your website as they get thousands of audiences per day. I’ll let you know how you can find a high authority website.

Have you ever thought about how the comment backlinks can help you and what are the comments backlinks?

So there are two types of comment backlinks that have their own methods to help your website in SEO.

1. Do-follow

What if you get do-follow backlinks from comments from other websites around your niche?

First, if that happens, then you get high-quality backlinks from your niche related websites, which is a grand thing and can help your SEO to boost up.

Second, you can get link juice, traffic and trust among the readers they have. And which is a good sign from an SEO point of view.

2. No-follow

As you know the no-follow link has no value in SEO but there is an advantage If you see that the website you want to comment giving No-follow backlinks from comments then you should write a better point of view of their content so that readers will trust you and redirect you to your website from there.

Here’s what Matt Cutts says,

Matt Cutts says that getting the link through blog commenting is white hat SEO practice. But your comment should be relevant to the blog and valuable. Also, don’t worry about the Do-follow and No-follow Backlink.

Matt Cutts, Co-founder of WordPress

Types of Comment Sections

There are four types of comment sections which are used in blogs. For commenting and where you can add backlinks to your sites.

1. Comment Luv

This is a basic comment section where you can add your comments. It used by maximum website owners who have a WordPress website.

Because it has some basic and elegant features which can attract your users for commenting.

2. Discus comment

If you are aware of Disqus comment system, it’s very nice but if not then it is a worldwide comment system provider which gives an elegant and made with great CSS, which means it contains lots of features.

It gives features like adding a name, email, website links, HTML editor and many more. Create a Disqus account in order to show your profile picture in every website which is using Disqus comment box.

Al the comments you make on any websites that are using this service, you can see all the comments on your Disqus account whether your comments are approved or disapprove.

3. Facebook Comments

Facebook Comment system is the maximum used in the blogger comment system. The blogger templates pre-loaded with this coding which serves Facebook comment system at the end of the post. Log in through Facebook in order to comment on a blog.

4. WordPress Comments

WordPress comments are used as usual on WordPress sites. This used by almost every WordPress blogger and is pre-installed in almost every theme.

With a decent amount of features like taking names, email-ids, link boxes and message boxes, it can increase your comment rate. That’s all.

There are two ways you can create comment backlinks for any website.

  • Save

These are some blogs that allow comments and even using a link box, you can easily add your blog link in that and get backlinks from these kinds of websites.

These are some websites that want engagement, so they allow you to put your website link in the comment box.

As a result, people will interact more definitely and they get more engagement.

  • Save

Some websites won’t allow you to put your link in their blog, as they want to clear their community from spammy links.

As you know, there are plenty of people who just do comment in other blogs for the sake of backlinks and attached their 2-3 links in the comments, those called spammy links.

For that website, you can use this HTML code which can give you a link without having their link box in the comment section.

<a href="https://yourwebiste.com/"> Here goes your keyword </a>

Using this method, you can add your link to these comments. But wait, these websites already blocked link boxes, so if you comment in this way then you have to first add value to their post by suggesting something or giving your opinion and then add your link.

Attention: There are tons of people who claim that they provide high-quality blog commenting services that automate the commenting process by some tools. From my side, it is a huge recommendation that does not use that kind of paid or free blog commenting service as they are going to create a negative impact on your site rankings and on your SEO.

How To Write A Good Blog Comment?

People always You should not just write disjointed sentences on blog commenting sites to compose a great blog comment and assume it to sound like great comments from blogs. So, one thing is obvious, don’t just throw words. You need to write it carefully.

1. Adding Value

Add comments after reading the content. First, you need to analyze the content what is it written for then think about some other possibilities around that topic then comment on it.

You can share your point of view, what other professional bloggers thought about this topic, and many more things you can add.

2. Don’t Be A Promoting Person

“Hey, your articles are super amazing” and added a link to your recent post. I literally hate these things when people do this.

I saw this kind of comment in my other blogs, but I won’t let them approve. Because it’s obvious that it is a spam comment and makes it affect our community.

So use a comment like natural and be honest with your comment. As a result, people would like to read and websites owners also like to reply.

3. Always Start or End With a Question

Questions are the only things that can increase your credibility because people are curious about that topic and when they see your comment they would love to reply you. And these are some things that make them and your community evergreen.

And don’t worry about all these things as I’ll add free do-follow blog commenting sites which can be even more relevant to what I shared in this article, so you can easily get what you want from comments.

Find High DA Do-follow Blog Commenting Sites

There are many ways to locate blog commenting sites, including you can find new blog commenting sites with recent uploaded and even you can find your specialty blog comments sites.

You need to learn about specialized search operators to locate these pages. If you want to find a blog on SERP pages that are relevant to SEO, then you must use the search operators here.

  • inurl: “SEO blog”
  • intitle: “SEO sites”
  • Save

As you can see, these sites are written fresh content and if you want to comment on these websites, then you can do so with no hesitation.

How To Get Accepted On Blog Commenting Sites

There are lots of things that can help you approve your comment by other blog owners. On another side, the owners of the website are also looking for some good comments that add some value to their posts. So follow these steps.

  • Always add your actual name to your work email-id
  • You should have a Gravatar account
  • Use Gravatar details, images and name
  • Find a blog that related to your niche and comment on their contents
  • Don’t even think about copying and pasting comments from one place to other
  • Don’t spam in the comments
  • First, read the content then go for commenting
  • Try to avoid brief sentences, always use long and informative paragraphs (minimum 100 words)
  • Try to publish comments that’ll be different from others
  • Add some powerful words that fill some excitements in the reader’s mind

Try to do these things while doing comments in, these can make your comment more appealing and more informative.

Pro Tip: The best way you can get approval or get an eye-catch is, you can reply to other’s comments as well. As a result, people will engage with you. You can do it in comments as far as possible. People will love to follow you.

All Niches Blog Commenting Sites List 2021

So finally here are all the high DA blog commenting sites and you can also go with your niche related sites. These sites are instant approval blog commenting sites list that can approve your comment immediately if they find something valuable to their article.

Make sure for no spamming, otherwise you can’t take any advantage from it. All niches have their own point of view, so try not to go with other niches as you don’t have enough knowledge about other niches.

1. Blogging and Digital marketing Blog Commenting Sites

  1. DonnaMerrillTribe.com: DA 41
  2. GotchSeo:  DA 40
  3. Johnchow.com: DA 59
  4. Elegant Themes Blog: DA 90
  5. Problogger: DA 77
  6. AdvanceWebRanking:  DA 55
  7. BloggingTips.com: DA 51
  8. WritetoDone.com: DA 54
  9. Matthew Woodward: DA 52
  10. BlogTyrant.com: DA 53
  11. MelyssaGriffin:  DA 58
  12. SmartBlogger: DA 58
  13. Magazine3.com Blog: DA 42
  14. BloggingBasics101: DA 50
  15. TrafficGenerationCafe.com: DA 49
  16. Blogelina.com: DA 40
  17. Growmap.com: DA 47
  18. Human Proof Designs: DA 42
  19. Philipscom: DA 37
  20. CloudLiving:  DA 37
  21. BloggingX Blog: DA 36
  22. Yaro Blog: DA 55
  23. Niche Pursuits: DA 52
  24. HellBound Bloggers (HBB): DA 48
  25. BasicBlogTips.com: DA 47
  26. AllBloggingTips.com: DA 40
  27. BloggerIdeas: DA 47
  28. BloggingFromParadise: DA 43
  29. Copyblogger: DA 78
  30. Yoast SEO Blog: DA 79
  31. Backlinko: DA 63
  32. SmartPassiveIncome:  DA 66
  33. JustaGirlandHerBlog: DA 59
  34. Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog: DA 59
  35. Authority Hacker: DA 49
  36. MostlyBlogging.com: DA 43
  37. RobbieRichards: DA 41
  38. Inspire to Thrive: DA 39
  39. SuccessfulBlogging.com: DA 46
  40. MasterBlogging Blog: DA 46
  41. BloggingCage.com: DA 44
  42. Enstinemuki.com: DA 43
  1. FitnessVsWeightLoss: DA 35
  2. Diabetes Strong: DA 52
  3. 100DaysofRealFood: DA 65
  4. HealthResource4u: DA 41
  5. AggiesKitchen: DA 56
  6. HiveHealthMedia: DA 51
  7. HealthBeckon: DA 53

3. High DA Technology Free Comment Posting Sites List

  1. ShoutMeTech:  DA 35
  2. Trak:  DA 64
  3. AllTechBuzz: DA 58
  4. TechWalls:  DA 57
  5. TroubleFixers:  DA 49
  6. OnlineTechTips: DA 73
  7. ITechCode:  DA 38
  8. TechLast:  DA 40
  9. CallingAllGeeks:  DA 41

4. Finance Blog Commenting Sites List

  1. ModestMoney: DA 54
  2. OneCentAtATime: DA 58
  3. SavingAdvice: DA 63
  4. ChristianPf: DA 56
  5. MoneySavingMom: DA 70
  6. ComFree: DA 50
  7. TFLGuide:  DA 40
  8. SubraMoney: DA 38
  9. BasuNivesh:  DA 39
  10. BeatingBroke:  DA 40

5. High DA Travel Blog Commenting Sites

  1. InspiringTravellers:  DA 48
  2. TheShootingStar:  DA 52
  3. IndiTales: DA 44
  4. BoardingArea:  DA 78
  5. GloabalGrasshopper:  DA 58
  6. VelvetEscape:  DA 54
  7. LakshmiSharat:  DA 42
  8. AnkiOnTheMove: DA 32
  9. RomancingThePlanet:  DA 35
  10. TravelDiaryParnashree:  DA 35
  11. Wanderink:  DA 28
  12. DangerousBuisness:  DA 56
  13. ShaluSharma:  DA 41

6. Education Blog Commenting Sites List

  1. http://blogs.bu.edu
  2. http://blogs.oregonstate.edu
  3. https://my.carthage.edu
  4. http://writing.wisc.edu
  5. https://my.slc.edu
  6. http://jdunn.journalism.cuny.edu
  7. http://sites.psu.edu
  8. http://jdunn.journalism.cuny.edu
  9. http://blogs.uww.edu
  10. http://blog.ltc.mq.edu.au
  11. http://ausis.edu.au
  12. http://runcielab.ucdavis.edu
  13. https://du-in.academia.edu
  14. http://www.peacockroom.wayne.edu
  15. http://mediamusings.dsc.rmit.edu.au
  16. http://jdunn.journalism.cuny.edu
  17. http://calendar.cal.msu.edu
  18. https://golem.ph.utexas.edu
  19. http://ehs.mit.edu
  20. http://holyangelsisc.edu.in
  21. http://www.lehigh.edu
  22. http://blog.iese.edu

7. High DA Real Estate Blog Commenting Sites List

  1. http://www.louisvillemls.net/blog/
  2. http://www.louisvillerealestateblog.org/
  3. http://www.nuhomesource.com/blog/
  4. http://www.panamaequity.com/blog/
  5. http://www.premieratlantarealestate.co/blog/
  6. http://www.pwprudential.com/blog/
  7. http://www.sandiego-shortsale.com/
  8. http://www.sanjose.com/
  9. http://www.shortsaleexpeditor.com/
  10. http://www.stpaulrealestateblog.com/
  11. http://www.teampanella.com/Blog
  12. http://www.thedobbsteam.net/blog/
  13. http://www.thesaundersblog.com/
  14. http://www.tinafountain.com/blog/
  15. http://www.viewlouisvillehomes.com/blog/
  16. http://www.virginiabusiness.com/
  17. http://www.washingtonpost.c/blog/
  18. http://www.weselllouisville.com/blog/
  19. http://www.yaerd.org/blog/
  20. http://www.zillow.com/blog/
  21. http://blog.luxuryrealestate.com/

So here you have all the niche related high PR do-follow blog commenting sites and now you can add comments to these sites.

What are the term blog commenting sites?

The term blog commenting sites means commenting your thought, opinion and point of view in other’s blog and make their content more informative. Basically, find your niche related sites then comment on them.

How is blog commenting help your websites to gain traffic?

It is going to give you more targeted and relevant traffic because if your comments have the potential means if your comments are good, informative and add value for readers, then people love to visit your sites.

Are high DA blog commenting sites helpful for SEO?

Yes, definitely! Because the link you got from that site is ultimately working as a powerful backlink to drive more link juice to your site. This can help your article rank high on the search engine.

How to find instant approval blog commenting sites?

First, find your niche related sites, then use these advanced search operators like – inurl: “your niche”. After the SERP appears, you can choose those websites to comments, and that is some instant approval blog commenting sites list.

Is blog commenting effective?

Yes, it is absolutely effective. Because if you get links from those sites, then all the link juice of those websites is going to your website, and that is good for SEO. And don’t worry about the links, it is pure White Hat SEO.

Why are websites removing comment sections?

The major reason is spamming, hatred by people. Website owners want their community clean from these negative things. In fact, they know comments can really add value to their blog, but again for this issue, it is fine to remove the comment section from the blog.

Now It’s Your Turn

Website commenting is a great way to attract people and increase your blog visibility at a glance. And it is the best off-page SEO technique that drives traffic and increases ranking.

There are thousands of do-follow blog commenting services everywhere, but what I recommend you is don’t use those services, that obviously looks like a machine commenting. So that’s not good for SEO.

Now it’s time to take the advantage of it. You got a list of all the high DA blog commenting sites. So start leveraging it.

Keep blogging, keep hustling!

Cheers! 😀