Mistakes are made by everyone even you and me, but if you made those mistakes again and again then it is considered foolishness.

If you made mistakes then it is not just making a mistake that a lesson you learned. If we talk about Blogging, there are millions of people entering this platform every month and lots of mistakes bloggers make every single day.

But don’t worry, I will give you the solutions to some deadly and common blogging mistakes to avoid so that you can take your blog or business sky-high.

Blogging is not about writing content but if you do not give you attention to your content then blogging has no value.

With that being said, I made a list of mistakes bloggers make which contain all possible solutions, and if you are making these mistakes then you can identify them and can replace them with a new idea.

Why Do Bloggers Fail?

There are many things that make bloggers fail in their blogging career, but the topmost mistake is they are not believing what they are doing and not believing that what blogging can do for them.

They think Blogging is an over-night success like just write some articles, those articles got ranked in google and they will earn money.

This sounds harsh but it’s true. The reason behind this is, they heard about blogging from someone else’s content, act like they are motivated and thinking to make their career in this field.

But it is a temporary thing that comes to everybody’s mind. In fact, 90% of bloggers are making these mistakes and quit blogging thinking that “blogging is not for them because it has not potential in future”.

And here the belief comes into play. If they believe in their work, their efforts and in this field then chances are high that they will be going to perform better in future and make money from blogging.

There are thousands of successful bloggers out there, have you ever seen their interviews where they share their blogging journey! If no, then you should see them and take a true motivation that blogging can give you everything that you want. Blogging can make you truly independent.

Blogging is a business, it is not a child’s play. You have to stay consistent and believe in yourself as well as, in this field.

10 Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

These are some commons blogging mistakes that you should avoid that can take your blog sky-high and designate yourself as a successful blogger.

These are some biggest mistakes bloggers made whether they are beginners and professional bloggers. But in the flow of time, they identified it and fix it.

If you want to be an successful blogger in the market then make sure you don’t miss any point.

1. Your writing should be clear

Sometimes you might face that, when you are going to read an article then you feel like boring by their wordings and close that article.

And even sometimes you saw that people are edited too much that annoying to read. It is like too many bold sentences, too many images, too many underlined sentences, big paragraphs and that time you feel annoying.

This is the reason why every pro bloggers are suggesting to write your article very neat and clean so that the readers can read your articles and get the main points that you want them to read.

Solution: For redefine it you can reduce your too many bold sentences and too many images.

Use bold sentences in the important notes and main area of your article so that user will pay their maximum attention to those parts of the article and the rest of your article body will normal.

For giving your article a clean touch you can add subheadings that boost your article’s context. And also use images when necessary means if you want your user to get a point and the images can better clarify it then you should use it.

Pro Tip: Adding hooks at the beginning of your article can give you significant changes in your engagement because if you can impress your audience in the beginning then they’ll stay tuned till your article’s end. And if you missing it then you are doing a dangerous mistake.

It’s true that images can describe a thing better than text but adding too many images can give your a negative result because people can’t understand the fact that you want to tell them.

2. Not writing long content

I saw most of the bloggers, they write only 500-1000 words article and that have no value but just subheadings with keywords and content that keyword stuffed.

Please be serious about this thing because people are finding their solution, they are at your blog to gain knowledge. They are not giving attention to you but they are coming only for their solution.

It sounds hard but it’s the truth and you can feel it when you are at a problem and you find a solution in Google &YouTube like crazy and that time you are not giving your attention to the content creators rather than their contents.

So please be assured that you are adding that much value so that the user can get the idea that you want them to know.

Solution: As I told you first you need to make an outline about what you are going to write then do proper research, gain the proper knowledge and then write healthy content that’ll contain all the queries at once.

If you write an article then one of the most priority things will be knowing the user intent. What the user want according to your keywords.

It is beneficial for your rankings also. If you get the intent behind the keywords and the topic you choose to write then it very easy for you to understand and make great content.

3. Choosing the wrong niche

Niche selection is a hugely important thing that to be considered while creating a blog. Of course, it mostly happens with new bloggers.

In many cases, if somebody wants to choose their niche and can’t find a profitable niche for their blog then most probably they are going with a low competition niche that has very little competition and less traffic.

But it is not the appropriate solution for your blog. In fact, most people are influenced by other high-authority bloggers which follow not even their category or interesting topic. And as a result, people are following the wrong niche.

Solution: A niche can make you rich and poor. Your interest in your niche.

If you face any problem in finding a niche then you can write down all of your interest in a sheet of paper and choose wisely which make you feel excited or make you happy or you love to talk or grab knowledge about.

If you are interested in technology then your niche would be tech niche. Even there are many sub-niches that are even more specific either. You can go with that also like mobile technology and computer technology.

However, I made a practical guide with some master formulas about how you can find a niche for your blog or any niche for any platform. It is recommended to read if you are stuck in which niche will be better for you.

4. Don’t write about broad topics

Don’t do this mistake because it is one of the big mistakes that why do bloggers fail.

If you are a beginner then you shouldn’t waste your time with the broad topics as they are very big niches and you can’t go deep into them.

Niches like:

  • What is SEO
  • How to make money online
  • How to grow your social media
  • What is digital marketing

These niches are really broad niches and you can’t compete with others marketers as they have better knowledge compares to you.

If you go through these niches then it will take literally a huge amount of time to be perfect. And you don’t want to waste your time on it even there are many solutions to it. Right?

Solution: You can choose specific niches that have low competition and you can also compete with others. It will very easy for you to surf the web through your specific niche.

Rather than go with a broad niche that will give you nothing in the beginning and it will take a lot of time to understand all the things, you can go with a specific niche that will give you powerful traffic, engagement and a lot of other things at the same time.

It’ll give you a huge benefit, that is, by the flow of time, you’ll get enough knowledge on specific niches around a broad niche as well as you’ll get traffic either.

This will give you a boost in the initial stage and after a good amount of time, you’ll get all the ideas about a broad niche and at that time you can go with the broad niche.

Work smart rather than work hard!

5. Your writing is unnatural

You may see in many other blogs that their writing is very stiff or difficult to understand. Because they are using very high-level writing which is so called professional writing.

But here is the problem is, 90% of blog readers don’t like to read that kind of writing even if they got their solution in those blogs, they will switch to another blog to find their query.

Another problem is, the audience doesn’t want to engage in your blog and you will lose your potential traffic which might harm you in future.

The second problem is, writings are very beginner style that creates a boring mindset. Normally, when I read other blogs, sometimes I have seen that people are using very normal language and very basic writing.

This is generally happening in the beginning stage, when I was a beginner I also did but later I identified and fix it.

Because see if you can’t hook your audience then you can’t perform better in the market. There are millions of other blogs available out there, you need to create something better from the crowd.

Solution: In a basic writing case, you need to first identify how is your writing skills? The most important thing is to improve your writing skills by reading other blogs and see how they are writing and which place you can put your hook.

You can use power words, action words and emotional words so that you can engage your traffic in the basic writing skills also.

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Pro Tip: Power words can make your writing more attractive and these words are action words with which you can make your audience do whatever you want them to do.

However, I made a Power Words bundle that can help you give suggestions while writing content on your blog. Just Click Here To Download It.

When it comes to writing with difficult words then you should make your article easier to read, so that anyone can read it and take the important things from your content.

It’s a no-brainer for everyone who comes to your site. Also, you will get better engagement with your audience.

6. Not using examples

Examples can lighten your important sentences which you wanted to give to your users. It is the most effective way to explain everything.

In most cases, people are don’t use examples to lighten their words and they lose their traffic in very little time.

It is way more effective when you writing a product review or creating a sales copy. Because in that time your main motive is to convince people to buy the product.

That time example plays a very important role because from the example peoples are got to know that, whatever you mentioned was effective for others and will be effective for them as well.

Solution: To give examples, you can add pictures where necessary and tell about it something.

Whatever topic you are writing, there might have many questions that are not able to answer by only just text and there you need to give some example by showcasing something related to it.

For example, if I take the topic of “Digital marketing”, then in the past 5 to 10 years the Digital marketing industry growing like crazy. And here I can insert a picture of Google trends that tells about how the industry is growing.

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It is an example that shows the people that the digital marketing industry is growing and in future, there are many more chances that they can build their own business in this field.

So, as in this example, I took you can see that this kind of examples can give a positive impact on your audience.

7. Focusing on quantity instead of quality

Quantity not matters, quality matters.

It is one of the most dangerous mistakes that bloggers do. For providing knowledge, you should have the proper knowledge first. And this is the point where people are stumbled.

Without any proper knowledge or proper research, they are making content that doesn’t have any value. They are just making content and not aware of quality.

For example, if you made a listicle content where you mention about 50 tips about Digital marketing which are quite basic and everybody knows and at the same time your competitor makes content that gives 20 solid tips that even more powerful than ever before, then you can compare that who wins. Right?

Solution: Here one simple thing works, that is research. You can’t make better content unless you have better research.

For research, first, check the top 10 pages on your targeted keywords that what kind of content other people are making so that they got rankings at the top.

Then check their content thoroughly and take a deep idea about what kind of content you can make so that you can beat them.

If they made better content, you try to make even 10x better content from them. And that’s all you need to do while writing content.

How many words of content you made will not matter and google even don’t give an eye on your content. The only thing matters are what kind of valuable content you are adding.

8. Writing the wrong thing

Writing the wrong things is one of the worst blogging mistakes that most bloggers do. As I said, without any proper research they can’t write the right thing unless they have good knowledge about it previously.

In the beginning stage, bloggers have no idea about, they have to give value not simple paragraphs..

This is sounds harsh but this is actual thing that I also did while I started my blogging career. Even i had no idea about what kind of content I should write.

Not just me, no one in the world have the proper knowledge in the beginning stage but by the time flows, they try to acquire knowledge from different sources and eventually be an expert.

Solution: if you don’t know what you are writing means you haven’t the proper knowledge then it’s fine there is no problem. But try to do research, so that you can get better visibility about the content.

If you want to write content then try to find all the possible solution and questions that are related to you keyword that you want to create content about.

You can spy on your competitor, can analyze their content and can make better content with no mistakes.

So, these are some most effective ways you can make your content and grab your audience.

9. Not collecting leads on your blog

It is not just a mistake but a huge mistake for your blog if you are not capturing leads on your blog. Because the global email marketing industry is $1,025.7 million which is above $1 million in 2019 and is predicted to reach USD $2,275.5 million which is $2.2 billion by 2027. This is really crazy.

And now also if you are not aware of email marketing then you can’t take your business or blog to the success point.

As you can see, how smartly this blog is collecting leads!

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Solution: In the beginner stage it is difficult to afford an email marketing tool because those are too high in price and you can only afford it if you are making at least $200-$300 per month.

But here’s a interesting thing!

You can freely use email marketing tools up to a limited number of the subscriber. Means you can freely use email marketing tools until you have 500-1000 subscriber.

This offer is now provided by Aweber, mailer lite, convertkit and many email marketing tools companies.

Another good thing is, I made a dedicated article about email marketing hacks that can give you main ideas of how you can generate or collect leads from your audience.

10. Inconsistent in writing blogs

It is a huge mistake that bloggers do while they didn’t get any results. It is a problem for every blogger. But a perfect blog is known for its regularly updated content.

Inconsistent writing can harm you as it can reduce your audience engagement and can harm your rankings.

Because Google regularly crawl your blog and if Google doesn’t found some regularly updated or published article then Google thought it this blog is not active and ranks down from rankings.

Solution: Try to write at least three articles per week. Make a list of all ideas starting off a week, do keyword research, write down all the subheadings and schedule all your article.

You can write one article in two days. It can maintain your time and you can write 3 articles per week.

Take a dedicated day for researching all the article, make an outline and subheadings, then write a full article in the dedicated time area.

Here are some answers that might wondering in your mind.

Why do most bloggers fail?

Because they are not consistent and thought that they can make money so earlier without any hard work. They are making the same mistakes every day and for that reason, they are not getting any results. And it is the only reason many bloggers are inconsistent.

What is the most important thing in blogging?

“RESEARCH”. Research is one of the most important things that you should do. Because if you have not the best research then you can’t make good content, if your content is bad then it’ll not rank on google and you can’t get traffic.

How do bloggers get paid?

There are many ways you can monetize your blogs like by adding ads of AdSense, by doing affiliate marketing, by taking sponsorship in other blogs and many more.

Can I blog about anything?

Yes, you can! But you should check that whether that niche which you prefer to go with is profitable or not. If that is not profitable then you’ll not get any money by doing blogging in that niche. A profitable niche can make it happen!

Now It’s Your Turn

It’s up to you that how you can find your blogging mistakes and replace them to some new working ideas.

Blogging is not just maintaining a website, it is a business where you can learn about how the market works and it will give you even more benefits to you if you give your full attention it.

Mistakes are made by everybody, finding a new idea and overcome the mistake is very few people did. Would you be in the list of those people?

Keep blogging, keep hustling!