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Bluehost Review & Experts Opinions

When it comes to WordPress hosting, Bluehost is one of the best hostings I have ever tried and had a magnificent experience. The most exciting thing is that it suggested by WordPress itself, which doesn’t require any explanation, I think! Bluehost is one of the oldest hosting companies started in 1996. With Bluehost, you don’t have to worry about your website’s performance as it never goes down in any case.
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Hey, do you search for a Bluehost review that will help you get rid of fake rumors, so you are in the right place?

Bluehost is no doubt one of the best and kindest hosting providers on all over the globe. It gives you hosting at the price of a movie ticket every month. Wow, isn’t it amazing?

With a wide server, Bluehost gives you top lighting fast speed that going to help your site to load fast, which maintains your user experience and SEO.

Let’s do a deep dive into this Bluehost review and its features.

Bluehost provides impressive performance, so other experts who have had a significant experience with Bluehost also suggest you make your first website with Bluehost.

We’ll cover the complete guide to Bluehost on this which will make you feel you need to go with this hosting provider otherwise you’ll miss all the features provided for free.

This Bluehost review gives you real-time data tested by us, which is something out of the box. So stay tuned for the latest because there is a bonus for you.

Bluehost Review Summary 
Bluehost PerformanceA++
Average Response Time1.01 ms
Free SSLYes
Free DomainYes
Free CDNYes
Bluehost Support SystemPhone, Live chat, Email, Knowledge Base
Average Load Time1.27 ms
1-click WordPress InstallationYes

Is Bluehost the Right Hosting for WordPress?

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As you can see, WordPress itself recommends you to use this hosting as you’ll have a significant experience after using it.

Its easy-to-use interface allows you to install WordPress in a few minutes, which is insane. Another reason Bluehost always counts on the top hostings is that its servers well optimized and organized for WordPress.

For this only reason, it gets recommended by WordPress on their official site. I also personally prefer Bluehost a lot for their features and lots of in-built free services.

Let’s go some deep into it!

Bluehost’s Incredible Features

Is Bluehost easy to use?

Yes, it is! In fact, after using it, you will glue yourself to their features.

As I said, this hosting company is also known for its amazing features. Around 2 million+ websites are hosted on Bluehost and they are glad that they are using this hosting.

Many professional internet marketers and bloggers are also using for it’s uncovered features. So why are we wasting time, let’s know about the details and its features.

Free Top Level Domain Name For One Year

This is a feature that every blogger loves to grab.

Because whenever anyone purchases any top-level domain like .com, .in or .net kind of domain then you need to pay around $10 or more for that only domain.

But with Bluehost you’ll not need to invest your $10, as you can invest it in other things. I personally love this feature.

Not only domain name, you’ll also get the free SSL certificate which is generally cost you around $7-10 of any best SSL.

Free SSL Certificates Keep Your Website Secure

This is the next best thing that is why Bluehost is different from other hosting.

It will give you a free SSL certificate which will keep your website secure. All Bluehost plans include free SSL.

SSL allows your site security such as it’ll give you a padlock in the address bar, which means your site is secure and also it’ll secure the data transferred by your server and your visitors.

But, Why SSL matters for your site?

Google admits that if you have SSL on your site, then it’s easier for your site to have better rankings and visibility further.

For example, if your competitor has SSL on their site and you don’t, then they’ll get a better ranking further and you’ll be outranked.

With Bluehost free SSL certificate, you don’t need to worry about all the things goes around.

Automated WordPress Installations and Updates

When you purchase hosting, there you have to install WordPress and many things you need to do like you have to go to softaculous app installer > install the WordPress > give details of yours. And all these processes are quite annoying.

But things are exactly opposite with Bluehost, which means you don’t need to install WordPress as it pre-installed with it and you are one click away from running a blog. Isn’t it amazing?

The same goes for updates. You don’t need to worry about the update either, as Bluehost takes care of itself. This means all things are automated.

Don’t you think you should go with Bluehost and create your own personal site that has far better features that can help you automate everything?

Insane In-built Caching Feature For Free

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Another mind-blowing feature of Bluehost is that it gives you free caching features in which you can remove your site cache in a second.

So you don’t need to install another caching plugin like W3 total cache, W3 super cache and sucuri firewall. This in-built feature can speed up your site like light.

As you can see in this picture that your caching depends upon your site stuff. You can select the caching option as per your site performance.

Advanced caching and aggressive caching, these caching options can be used on your eCommerce sites or other high end sites, which have more traffic per month.

Daily/Weekly Backup Keeps Your Site Tension Free

Don’t worry about the backup process of your site, presenting the Bluehost backup feature, which allows you to take a backup of your entire website in a minute.

Because we generally forgot to take the backup or you might not have the time to back up, so this feature is only for you.

Backing up and storing the backed up files into your google drive is an old process. However, Bluehost gives you a built-in backup option where you can take backups every week or even every day.

You don’t need to install any kind of backup plugins as these are heavy and decrease your site’s speed either.

Sometimes our site loses some files that can literally harm our site, in that case you can contact their team and they will provide you with the whole backup if your site.

Bluehost Hosting Plans and Pricing

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Bluehost offers you many kinds of hosting plans like shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server, WordPress hosting, managed WordPress hosting, woo-commerce hosting, cloud hosting and so on.

Let’s jump into some details,

  • Bluehost Shared Hosting: These hosting plans give you maximum benefits with less amount of money spending. It allows you an affordable way to get your business online. This hosting is shared with multiple users on a single server operated by a hosting provider like Bluehost.
  • Cloud Hosting: This is an authentic way to get your site online through multiple servers. This means your site will automatically switch to different servers in case of any issues like server crash, hardware failure or high traffic. And this is what Bluehost cloud hosting does.
  • VPS Hosting: This is a virtual private server that is an upgraded version of shared hosting. It is also lower the cost of a dedicated server and better reliable, secure & performance compared to shared hosting.
  • WordPress hosting: This hosting is specifically designed to run WordPress in particular. You can also get some advanced features to protect your website from malware.

What Is the Best Bluehost plan for WordPress?

As I said, there are lots of plans, but you should go with what you need!

  • If you are willing to create a website, then you should go with the BASIC Bluehost shared hosting plan
  • on the condition that you are excited to run multiple blogs or you think for now you can go with one but further, if you run multiple then I recommend you go with the PLUS plan
  • You have the mindset to create websites with more advanced features, which are privacy and security features, then you should go with the CHOICE PLUS plan
  • Finally, if you want to create a professional site with professional features with ultra-powerful optimized features that make your site super fast and super secure, then you should go with the PRO plan

My Recommendation

However, my recommendation will always be for you to go with the PLUS plan as it is the best Bluehost plan for WordPress because it includes all the additional features that are not on the BASIC plan and which are available on the CHOICE PLUS plan. And it is actually worth for money.

Bluehost Subscription Monthly

Generally, Bluehost charges you $2.95/month to $5.95/month. And it all depends upon which plan you choose for how many months.

Bluehost pricing varies from your chosen month. However, you will only get a special discounted price if you choose their plan for 24 months to 36 months.

Bluehost will only give you 12 months, 24 months and 36 months terms of hosting purchase. Unfortunately, Bluehost don’t have the monthly subscription plan, which means you can only purchase hosting for at least a year.

Bluehost Ultra Performance All Over The Globe

Website performance is all about speed, uptime and server response time. This means if you don’t optimize your site speed, then it will hugely affect your user experience and your SEO.

As per Google’s algorithm, your site speed is heavily mattes for rankings. Because no one prefers to stay on your page where content is not showing, only just buffering.

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As per the study, if your site has thousands of visitors per day then only a 1-second delay of site speed can decrease your conversion by 7%, decrease your page views by 11% and decrease your customer satisfaction by 16%.

But with Bluehost, you don’t need to worry about all these things, as Bluehost takes care of all these things properly.

Let’s do an analysis!

Great Performance and 99.99% of Reliable Uptime

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As you can see, this results in the uptime robot in the Bluehost hosted website while testing it for 24 hours and the live result is in front of you.

You will not get any kind of downtime for the rest of the time that you purchased for. The key problem that goes with every blogger is they get downtime for maximum time.

But with Bluehost it is exactly opposite. With 99.99% of uptime, you will never going to regret later.

The important thing is, Bluehost servers are taken everywhere on earth; for this only reason, the hosted sites in Bluehost is never going down.

Load Test of Bluehost Hosted Sites

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This is one of our testing sites, which is hosted on Bluehost, and as you can see, the site’s performance is insane. This is because Bluehost’s servers are all over the world.

GTmetrix and Pingdom both tests are showing less than 1 second of our sites loaded. This is a great sign for further Google rankings.

This test shows that if you are looking for fast hosting, then you should go with Bluehost. Because this kind of lighting speed makes Bluehost unique and reliable.

Server Response Time

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We used a tool called pingdom for testing our demo site that is hosted on Bluehost. Pingdom loads everything about your site and gives you the most accurate data.

As you can see, this is the test result that is described, within a second our site loads up. Which is a significant sign of speed and it can be eligible for higher rankings.

The US server gives their 100% to take your site skyrocket.

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Here you can see the Bluehost user reviews on server response time and give the 5 star ratings to make all the work simpler.

Pros and Cons of Bluehost

Every hosting company in this world has their own pros and cons.

All the benefits that I mentioned about Bluehost are at the next level, but here is the full transparent chart of advantages and some minor disadvantages which you should know.


  • All their hosting plans are affordable and cheap
  • They give you solid uptime compared to other providers
  • They give you tons of storage which is quite high
  • You’ll get a FREE domain
  • You’ll get FREE SSL
  • There are no other fees when you sign-up
  • The support system is lightning fast, they’ll reply to you quickly
  • Fabulous security features that secure your site from threads
  • Easy to use interface so that everyone can adjust


  • Constantly up sell you for add-ons or other stuff
  • Renewal price is a bit higher
  • Renewal price for domains also goes the same

As you can see, the Bluehost hosting renewal price goes high at renewal time. But of course, the amount of things they provide to you is outstanding.

The incredible features they provide you for making your work super easy are out of the box. So for the renewal price, they deserve it.

How Good is Bluehost’s Customer Support?

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Everybody needs some support to solve their issues. Bluehost maintains that their support system in a way, which is very reliable and easy so that every user on their site can easily contact them.

However, they have a huge knowledge base, which means a help centre, where you can find your problem’s solution in a single search. There are tons of articles written by an expert who already found every issue going through Bluehost and made a solution for that.

But in every case article which is a kind of theoretical is not enough, you need to contact their support system. And Bluehost gives you 24×7 hours of support from an expert, where you can describe your issue and solve your problem.

They have live chat support, email and phone call support, through which you can contact them anytime from anywhere in the globe.

How to cancel Bluehost plan?

Bluehost provides you with a 30 day’s money-back guarantee, which means if you aren’t satisfied with their hosting service then you can contact their team for a refund of your money. And with no question asked, they will refund your money to your bank account within 7 business days.

Bluehost Overall Ratings From Users

How do I sign up for Bluehost?

Click Here to go to their website to get this 57% top-notch discounted deal for now. You can choose your preferred plan as per your needs, go to the payment page, make the payment and you will be successfully signed up!

What Bluehost plan should I get?

It totally depends upon you, whether you are a beginner who wants to start a new blog or you are a moderate who knows how to operate and is willing to manage multiple websites. If you are new to this field then I strongly recommend you go with a BASIC plan which is the best Bluehost plan for WordPress and if you are willing to maintain more than one website, then you should go with the PLUS plan.

Can I get a free domain with Bluehost?

Absolutely yes, Bluehost provides you with a free domain name for one year, which gives you top-level domains like .com, .net, .in etc.

Is Bluehost good for beginners?

Yes, with Bluehost cheap pricing anyone can start their own website and even when I was new to the digital marketing field then I was also thought to start a blog with Bluehost.

Where are the Bluehost servers located?

Bluehost data center location is in Provo, Utah, US. They build all their servers with 50,000 square feet, which is their primary data center.

Is Bluehost best for WordPress hosting?

WordPress officially recommend all bloggers use Bluehost as to make their websites. Bluehost is better optimized and organized for WordPress only. This is the only reason it gets featured on WordPress’s official website.

How much does Bluehost cost?

Bluehost cost you around $3.95/month – $5.99/month on their BASIC plan if you chose it for 36 months it cost you $3.95/month but if you chose for 12 months it cost you $5.99/month.

Can Bluehost handle high traffic?

Bluehost typically handle high traffic as their servers are very strong in handling this kind of traffic. There are lots of websites that are going with Bluehost’s basic plan and handle up to 20,000 traffic, even with no issues.

Can I get my money back if I don’t like the Bluehost service?

Yes, you absolutely can. They will provide you with 30 days money-back guarantee that allows you to contact them within 30 days if you are not satisfied with their service and they’ll refund your money to your bank account within 7 business days.

Now It’s Your Turn To Take Action

Alright, are ready to start your blog with Bluehost? Select your plans for further movement!

All the things might make some trigger in your mind that Bluehost has enough potential to make your site skyrocket. And most importantly, you’ll not feel regret later after using it.

Bluehost is actually great for WordPress, as it is well organized and optimized only for running a better blog in WordPress.

Keep blogging, Keep hustling!

Cheers! 😀

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  • Unlimited storage
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee


Since we are already going through user’s review, and from there, you can get an idea of how their services and features are. As for WordPress, Bluehost is one of the best WordPress hosting sites in the globe. So go for it!