Hey, are you in trouble of what niche to choose?

I know and if you are stuck around a niche or want to choose your niche but confused that how to find a niche for the blog, then you are exactly in the right spot.

Niche selection is way easier than it appears. I know it’s difficult when you don’t even know about your interest or maybe you are new to this digital marketing field, but it’s fine because I’ll show the exact process in which you can choose your right niche for your blog.

Here I’ll solve all the queries that give you a negative impact on niche selection. It’s a 10min process but these negative queries make it a 10days process.

So, stay till the end because you are going to get some ninja techniques to find a perfect niche for your blog.

Let’s dive in!

6 Tips To Find a Perfect Niche For Your Blog

Before starting a blog you need to have proper market research and at that time your niche plays a significant role in researching.

Niche will describe how your blog performs in the future, which content ideas are beneficial for your blog and how you can monetize your blog in the future.

Here’s one thing you need to be aware of that, how you can monetize your blog. It is a very big thing that most people are making mistakes. But don’t worry, we’ll discuss it in this article.

Alright, let’s take a deep analysis!

1. What is Your Interest

First thing first. The most common question that should be considered while finding a niche is what is your interest?

It means what topic makes you excited. Which topic, subject or thing makes you feel happy and you are interested to spend your time on.

You need to find that thing that makes you interested. It may be reading books, surfing the internet, grabbing knowledge from different sources, technology, life, food or relationship or it may be anything in the world.

The best way you can arrange these things to write down all your interest on a sheet of paper or notepad. Write down the words you love to talk about and share some knowledge about those things.

The next things are to pick one topic from them from what you wrote. It is even easier to choose.

And congrats!! You chose your niche.

But wait, is that niche has the potential to give you enough profit in future?

Let’s talk about it.

2. How is The Competition

If there is competition, there is money but if there is no competition then there is no money.

Sounds strange, right? But it’s actually true!

People are running around those niches which have no competition, less competition or even dead niches. That’s wrong and if you are smart, then you shouldn’t make those mistakes.

I’ll tell you why?

Competition makes a niche more powerful means if there is no competition then why those people who have their high-authority websites give their 100% to rank on top.

When I was starting my blogging career, I also did this same mistake by taking a less competition niche and later when I realize, I sifted myself to another niche.

Pro Tip: Competition is not about just rankings but how the market performing, how people are engaging in that niche, how the monthly searches happening in google and how other marketers generate conversion around that niche, that’s matters.

So make sure your niche have the competition, not even much that hard for everyone to rank but have a decent competition that people are engaging and there are chances to make money.

3. Research The Niche in Market

Another question that might come to your mind: that how you can research the market and can identify which niche should perfect for you?

Alright, I made 5 steps process where you can easily make a market research.

The interesting thing is, these 5 steps are going to be even easier if you use the tools like SEMrush, which is specifically designed for market research and gives you the exact matrices around your topic.

Take The Help of SEMrush

You can make a google search by putting your niche in the search section. After seeing the result you can choose one of the top sites, copy their links and paste it to the SEMrush domain overview section.

For example, I am taking digital marketing as my niche, made a google search and copy the top site link to the SEMrush domain overview section.

  • Save
  • Save

Here as you can see that SEMrush gives me all the matrices about that site like,

  • How much monthly traffic that site gains around this niche
  • what are the keywords that the site is ranking and got traffic
  • what kind of people are engaging
  • From where the world the people are coming
  • What kind of sites will be your competitor in future
  • From where this site got backlinks
  • What kind of backlinks this site got from other sites
  • Which country drives the most traffic

These are some strong matrices that SEMrush gives you, which are going to help you to predict how your site will perform in future if you go with that niche.

Not only for niche selection but these matrices are going to help you take your site from zero to hero. SEMrush’s matrices are 80-90% correct, it means it will give you strong benefits.

4. Research The Market Trend

The market trend is always important while selecting a niche for your blog. Because it is the only sign that can help you to get the idea whether your niche profitable for future or not.

Google trends can make your work even easier. You can enter your niche in the search section and the only thing you have to do is to see whether that niche performing well in the previous 5- years or not.

  • Save

In my case, as you can see, digital marketing is a top-grossing industry on the internet and gradually people are engaging in this niche.

5. Contain Some Best Products

If you want to do affiliate marketing, then you should look around this section. Not only affiliate marketing but if you doing normal blogging then also it is applicable.

Because the products are the only thing that makes the market more competitive, more engageable and authoritative.

To find those best performing products, you can search in google that what are some best performing products around your niche.

For example, digital marketing is my niche. So if I search “what is the best product around digital marketing” in google then,

  • Save

It’s obvious that if the niche is digital, then all the products will be in digital form.

And as you can see here, there are lots of websites that already written an article about some best digital marketing tools or software that are being used by users.

And the interesting thing is you can search as per your niche and take the ideas that how those products are leading the market and how they are beneficial for you.

6. What About Other Affiliates

Last but not least! It’s a very crucial thing in niche selection time. You just have to see what other affiliates are doing related to your niche products.

If you don’t have an idea of who are affiliates, then these people are promoters who promote products. At this time, if you want to promote your niche related products, then you are an affiliate.

You need to inspect how other affiliate marketers are promoting those products. Because, if in the market the number of affiliates is high in a specific niche then that niche is highly profitable with decent competition.

You can check in google about this like the search term would be review article or deals article. If my search term is like “SEMrush review”, there are lots of articles on google that are promoting SEMrush software.

And if there are lots of affiliate marketers, then that niche is a profitable niche. Go with it!

Broad vs Specific Topics

To go with a niche, you need to first identify that niche is broad or specific. In my case, if digital marketing is my niche then it is a very broad niche that I can’t even cover everything.

So in this case, I would like to go with sub-niches which are SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, etc.

So these are some sub-niches that are beneficial for me to go with. And your first priority is this. Whatever niche you selected, you should first target the specific one because the main niche would be very competitive and very hard to rank or compete with others.

Attention: I created a dedicated article which contains full clarity about uncovered things about micro-niche and some micro-niche blog ideas that can make you feel that how a micro-niche blog can make you tons of dollar in a less time period!

Broad Niche

  • In a broad niche, you can write a wide range of content on your blog.
  • The earning will be lower because you cover lots of ideas in one place.
  • As you have lots of content ideas with which you can write articles, the ranking might be higher.
  • There are more ways you can monetize your blog.

Specific Niche

  • In a specific niche, you can address specific content on your blog.
  • The earning will be higher as you target a specific audience set.
  • Depends on your content your ranking will lower but you can target your audience and rank your content on those keywords.
  • There will be a specific way where you can monetize your blog.

FAQs For How To Find Niche For Blog

Here are some frequently asked question related to find a perfect niche for you blog.

How do I choose a niche for my blog?

First, you need to identify the interest yourself, what topic or thing makes you excited to do. It might be booked reading, food, technology or anything that you love to talk and share knowledge about.

Which niche is best for blogging in 2021?

In 2021, you should go with digital marketing, fashion, gaming, technology and news. These are some high-trend niches that can be beneficial for you!

How do you choose a profitable niche?

To choose your niche which is profitable, you have to check the profitability first. And to check the profitability you need to research the market that how that niche is performing in the last 5-6 years and what is the possibility that the niche will go longer.

Which blog niche makes the most money?

There are lots of niches that are making money in 2021. But digital marketing, technology, gaming, health and fitness, these are some niche which is actually leading into the market. And the most interesting things are, you can go with the sub-niche around these niches because the money is in the sub-niches.

How do I monetize my blog 2021?

You can monetize your blog by start advertising by Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, by accepting the sponsor ads, by accepting sponsor blog post, etc.

How to find a niche for blogging?

If you want to choose a niche only for blogging, not for affiliate marketing then it will better for you to go with a wide niche because the wide niches have tons of traffic potential and profitable either.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Starting a blog is super easy, but selecting a niche is even easier and don’t worry I hope this article might help you that how to figure out your niche. Niche selection is not rocket science, it way easier than you think. It’s a no-brainer.

It should not be like you are smashing a nail with a hammer in an iron wall. It means if your niche not satisfying or you realize that your niche is no-longer survive then please be assure to change it otherwise it’ll not going to give you anything in future. You need to be very conscious.

In 2021, there are many possibilities that you can acquire and make successful blog with in a year.

Keep blogging, keep hustling.