Are you struggling with traffic to your new website? Or you have an old website but there is no traffic on that!

If yes? Then don’t worry. After all, you are in the right place to get some incredible instant website traffic strategies that can give you some instant exposure to your website and your online presence.

If you put these strategies, which this article will give you, you will get insane results and all these strategies are proven traffic getting strategies then probloggers are using for their website..

If you think Google is dead for traffic, then you are wrong. Google is still running, even in great condition. People were more conscious about SEO and traffic. You can get thousands of readers cum traffic in a few days if you do things properly.

Have you ever noticed that the traffic you get through Google is free? There are different traffic which you can get through Google like:

These are some types of traffic that you can get from Google and also unlimited.

Formulas To Get Instant Website Traffic

If you have created a new blog and suffer from traffic, you need to know the proper methodologies that are used to attract more people from the search engine and other places like social media.

Because usually when people saw your articles on Google and because of the poor headlines they don’t want to get into your article, no matter how good the article you wrote.

There is always free traffic and quality traffic. But the most profitable one is quality traffic, which can give you more sales and boost your website in a long term.

So it needs some sort of ideas that you can implement for how you can drive quality traffic to your website. For getting those ideas, you have to do market research, competitor analysis, and other things that are needed to drive traffic.

So here are some methods which can definitely help you if you implement these further in your blog or business.

1. Creating a Vision Through Research

First things first, do proper keyword research before doing anything.

Let me clarify what I am saying. Keywords are the foundation of your traffic.

Find keywords that are low competition and high traffic, those keywords are a goldmine for you. These keywords can help you boost your article.

Implementing the right keywords will give you targeted and filtered traffic, which you can convert later.

So, now the question is,

How to find low competition and high traffic keywords?

First, you need to clear about your niche that you are in?

Then find out what are the possible topics you can cover in your article.

For example, your niche is “Digital marketing”. Add your topic to SEMrush’s “keyword magic tool” section and you can get real-time keywords that are working on Google right now.

semrush- keyword-research-tool,-instant-website-traffic
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Believe me, folks, this tool can give you the exact matrices which other tools can’t. Now you will get a bunch of keywords and this time you have to filter them.

Find your keywords in a way that their Keyword difficulty (KD) should be less than at least 30-40 and their monthly average volume should be a minimum of 150-250.

This will give you the exact matrices of what types of keywords are evergreen keywords.

Pro Tip: After analyzing the KD in SEO tools, again analyze keyword difficulty manually because SEO tools give you a rough analogy about keyword difficulty. We don’t just blindly rely on all tools.

You can get the exact idea of low KD keywords when you see that, all the low DA sites are ranking for that keyword in Google SERP.

2. Use Always Catchy Titles

Do you know about copy writing?

I believe you’ve heard about this before. If you ask any copywriter, ‘What is the first thing you need to keep in mind while performing a copy writing content?’, the answer will definitely be the headline.

Headline plays the most important role in writing an article. Whatever you write, even if it might be your YouTube video headline or it might be your article headline, it should be catchy.

Just think about it. If you created the world’s best article and it even gets ranked in Google, but your title is very simple and boring, then nobody wants to click your link.

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As you can see in this image, these websites are making their title by adding some power words, curious words and numbers. Like strategies, 250k+, without SEO. So anybody who is searching for his query, they definitely click this link.

Always keep some powerful words in the title, which can fill some excitement when someone reads your title.

You can use SEOpressor’s title generator, you have to put your idea or topic which you would like to write for and click on “generate titles”, you’ll get lots of catchy title ideas which you can further modify and make your own.

blog-title-generator,-article-generator,-blog-idea -generator,-instant-webiste-traffic
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Points to Keep In Mind for Your Catchy Headline:

  1. Power Words Makes The Headline Simple – Power words trigger the excitement of the person about what they want. People use Google to search when they need a solution to their problem. If you trigger their excitement with 1-2 words in the headline, they will definitely click on your link.
  2. Use Coupons – People love coupons. If you have an e-commerce site or an affiliate site, then you might promote products of different companies. Make sure you use the coupons in the headline to grab people’s attention.
  3. Use Months and Years – People love the tips and tricks which even work in the current situation. People don’t want out-dated content and tips. So use the current year in the headline. If you have an e-commerce site or an affiliate site, then you can use both months and years. Example: “Top 10 Best Laptops under your budget 2020”.
  4. Make It Understandable – Make a headline that tells the entire article in one line and that should be simple to understand. That is a great headline.
  5. Emotional Words Also a Great Option – People don’t want to waste their money and time, they always want to know how they earn money. So here are the emotional words that come into play. The emotional words can activate the part of a person who is hungry for something. As a result, people will immediately click your link.

Pro Tip: Always use power words 1-2 times in heading because you have to add the target keyword, power words and also some helping words/emotional words. So it is good to use 1-2 words in heading.

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3. Long Tail Keywords are Goldmine

Long-tail keywords are probably great keywords that can boost you up shortly.

Why? Because they have low competition, high traffic, and it can easily increase your conversion.

These were usually used for marketing in 2018-2019. But now all the bloggers and marketers are using these keywords to boost their sales and leads.

They are easy to rank for, and these have mind-blowing traffic potential. Always keep in mind that if you are a startup, then use long-tail keywords in every article because it will help you to easily rank.

If you are suffering from traffic, then I recommend replacing your short keywords with long-tail keywords. The most important thing is, rather than just stuffing the keywords, add them naturally.

4. Long Articles Can Help You

Here’s an amazing logic.

See, if you create a 500-1500 word article then it’s not a problem, but if you create 2000+ to 3000+ words, then it’s going to be crazy.

The reason is your long article gives clarity to Google to quickly indicate your page. Means, If you create an article about 3000+ words then your article might contain all the possible headings, subheadings and keywords which is strongly related to that topic what you are writing for.

It gives a positive response to the crawler and as a result; you get a better ranking in SERP. It means you get tons of traffic through this.

But wait, whatever I am telling you, that is a long-term process, which can take a minimum of 2 months, but the result will be shocking.

Here’s an interesting thing.

If you write an article about 3000+ words, then it can be ranked over 200+ keywords easily. Then just think, If one long-tail keyword gives you 100-200+ targeted traffic then 200+ keywords gives you more than you thought.

This is also purely targeted and evergreen traffic. Which is a goldmine for you!

5. Do Proper On-page SEO

On and off-page SEO is the foundation of your articles and your site.

These two things are like fuel for your site, which can boost your site in a while. Here, on-page and off-page SEO are two factors in rankings.

So the question is,

What are some important things you should include while doing your on-page SEO?

This is not rocket science, this is as simple as you do.

I will give you some important points which can help you with your on-page SEO. These points should be included in your article.

  • Play with your heading
  • A meta description would be great
  • Optimize your URL
  • Do the Internal linking
  • Add some visual formats

1. Play with your headline

Your heading should contain your targeted keywords. As I told you in the catchy heading section, your headline should be catchy, containing the keyword and understandable. We will definitely scale your on-page SEO.

2. The meta description should be great

Your meta description should tell half of the story you wrote in your article. It is even more important after the heading part.

3. Optimize your URL

Optimizing the URL is also something you should keep in mind while getting ready to publish your article. You can add your keyword to it. However, your keyword should be in 4-6 words which will be simple and readable.

4. Do the Internal linking

Nowadays the hype of internal linking is on fire. Internal linking can get you ranked in the top 10 of Google SERP. Because Google loves to share as much knowledge through the articles.

Internal linking shows that the user can go to another article through that blog, which is a kind of helpful towards the users. So internal linking is the best option for you.

5. Add some visual formats

Adding different visual formats like YouTube embedded videos, pictures, GIFs, and social badges can strongly improve your on-page SEO.

6. Off-page SEO Will Help You

Off-page SEO can make you grow up like insane. Because it can help you not only in increasing traffic but also in blog ranking. It can also build your trust.

There are many factors about Off-Page SEO, but the things which I am going to tell you are something different for you.

4 things you should keep in mind while doing off-page SEO.

  • Social Networking
  • Use the Advantages of Forums
  • Link Building

1. Social Networking

Network yourself in order to drive enough traffic through social media. Because people are maximum time active in social media, so take advantage of it.

  • You can create a Facebook group
  • You can join the LinkedIn community
  • Create a YouTube channel and maintain your consistency
  • Pinterest would be a great option
  • Do share your article on Twitter

2. Use the Advantages of Forums

Forums can be a great option for you because there are lots of people who are actively active in the forum field. The biggest example is Quora. Quora is the best platform where you can post your stuff and drive tons of traffic to your blog.

3. Link Building

Link building is the most common thing and also the most important thing. It can strongly boost your ranking.

Here’s a interesting thing I want to share.

Most people do their website’s off-page SEO through external linking, commenting and guest posting. But did you know about another powerful link building method called Profile creation sites?

Profile creation sites are like golden birds for you. You can create hundreds of profiles and add a link back to your website. With this you can create thousands of backlinks so that you can get a quick boost for ranking.

7. LSI Keywords Are Website Traffic Booster

The easiest way to drive instant website traffic is through Google search. It’s free, not limited to, and there is a lot of targeted traffic. And the only thing we need is ranking, but how do we instantly rank our website?

Here’s where the LSI keyword trick comes into play!

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. If you know about LSI keywords then that’s great, but if you don’t know about them then what have you been doing for so many days?

Google loves LSI keywords because they are easy to understand by google search crawler.

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As you can see in this picture, these are the LSI keywords that will totally turn the game to your side. These are some common keywords people often search for. You can even find your niche related to LSI Keywords in Google.

Now the question is how we can find the LSI keywords because this is a very tough challenge for us to find keywords from google bottom search.

Here is the LSI Graph tool that will be the best option for you. It is totally free and it gives the exact and common keywords with search volume which was often searched by people.

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With this free tool you get an idea about which are the best keywords which you can use in your article.

Now we know about LSI keywords but,

Another most important thing, how to use them properly?

Yes, there is a way to use them as well. There are some things you should follow while using it.

Use LSI keywords in headings and subheadings, in anchor texts, in meta descriptions and in alt text. These are some places where you have to keep your LSI keywords in order to do better SEO.

8. Free Website Traffic From Quora

Literally, Quora is a traffic tree which is always evergreen. You can always get free website traffic from this website.

The interesting thing is Quora is a forum website or you can say question-and-answer website, where people gather for networking also and you can take advantage of it.

Simply post some answers related to your niche, not for traffic purposes, but to help people solve their queries. Maintain your consistency in the long term.

If you put content for traffic purposes initially, then it’ll not create any trust and you will lose the game in the starting position. Trust is the one thing which can build a bridge through which people can connect with you.

Slowly and gradually people will start engaging with your content and right then you can put your blog link and take the traffic from that site.

But one thing here you should always keep in mind while writing, don’t put your link in every single answer you post. Maintain a manner of a 7:3 ratio. That is 7 times you unlinked are for helping purposes and 3 are linked to your article.

In this way, you can build a trust around you from Quora and get safe from violation or account ban.

9. Start E-mail Marketing

Now this is insane!

Money and traffic are on the email list.

Email marketing is very important for marketers and bloggers. If you want to drive instant website traffic fast to your website, email marketing is a great option.

Through email marketing, you can get constant traffic for a lifetime. It sounds so technical, but it is everything that you need. It is a kind of website traffic booster.

Let me explain!

For email marketing, you need to grab the emails from your audience who are interested in your stuff. And the second thing is to mail them later so that you can nurture them to visit your website again.

If you do email marketing, then the chances of getting traffic are increasing by 70%. Because for example, if you have an email list of thousands of people, then when you mail them with a link back to your website, you probably get a minimum of 400-500 instant website traffic free of cost.

No need for SEO and ranking, just email them and slowly that 400-500 people increase by 700-800. You get instant traffic to your website with an average of 500-600 readers.

Now some tips you should know.

Why is email marketing so crucial?

By email marketing you can get leads, traffic, sales and whatever you want from the audience.

How do you build your email list?

Now, this is a bit difficult, but if you are familiar with how you grab the emails from your audience, then it will be easy for you.

There are many ways you can grab the email, and those are

  • Create a pop-up gift form for articles that can take the emails
  • Offer useful resources that can help them
  • Offer free tutorial videos
  • Give them free courses
  • Promote your newsletter sign-ups throughout your website
  • Use pop-ups to promote special offers

Pro Tip: Always remember, don’t spam people’s inbox. First, give them value by email at least 5-6 times, it will create a trust around you. After that, send them your promotional link or article link.

How to get traffic to your website fast?

1. Take the Help of Social Media

If you want to take your traffic graph at the peak initially, then some tips you should keep in mind. Social media traffic can be the best website traffic booster for you.

Because if you have enough audience potential in a single social platform like YouTube or Facebook group, then you can easily drive traffic to your website.

Things you have to follow to get traffic to your website free of cost:

  1. Being sociable is the best way to drive traffic.
  2. Promote as much as possible on every social platform.
  3. Give a link to your every social profile so people can get to know about your website.
  4. Share visual content on social media so it will be easily clickable with your call-to-action.
  5. Engagement is most important for social media traffic.

2. Blog Commenting in SEO

However, You have to gain some traffic, so why don’t you use blog commenting? Lots of people think that blog commenting is dead. Yes, I agree, but not so much.

I took advantage of it. In the initial days, I had no traffic, so I commented on other blogs genuinely. I don’t know how, but people like to reply and reach me out through those links I had given.

So blog commenting still works. But there is a process, find the blogs which people love the most and do comment on that. People love their comment’s reply so you can reply to them.

There are lots of blogs commenting sites where people just comment and take the traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that should be cleared for you.

How does website traffic generate money?

There are many ways you can generate money through your website’s traffic. You can grab their emails through opt-in forms and mail them to affiliate marketing or you can create a landing page and send your maximum traffic to that landing page or you can pinch some ads in your articles and make money through it.

What is direct website traffic?

It means the search bar at the top while you open chrome, that is the direct traffic search bar and for those who are searching and coming from that search bar location then it is counted as direct traffic.

Where to get free website traffic?

There are many forum sites and QNA sites like Quora and Medium. You can give your opinion on those platforms and get a maximum amount of traffic to your website. Because the monthly traffic of those websites is in the billions.

Why is my website traffic dropping?

It causes down ranking, redirects URL issues, and incorrect robots.txt. These are some common problems by which your website traffic is decreasing.

How do I increase Google organic traffic?

Your keyword research, on-page SEO and off-page SEO strongly matter to your organic traffic. To improve these first, then you can get tons of traffic from Google search.

Why is my website not showing up on Google?

This a reason may happen because your website is new and Google can’t even know about it. So make sure you create an account on Google Search Console and submit your xml sitemap. Redefine your robots.txt file and it’s done!

How to increase website traffic without SEO?

There are many ways you can drive traffic without SEO. To do this you have to drive traffic through email marketing and take the help of social media. Overall, if you have a strong social handle then you don’t have to do SEO.

how to get instant traffic on website?

For instant traffic there is always two methods that you can perform, one is a free-way where you need to put regular content, connect with more people, engage them in your content, get more audience from the SERP, etc and the second one is paid way where you need to run ads through different social media or in Google either so the targeted people can see your ads and directly jump to your article or website.

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Now it’s your turn

Getting instant website traffic free of cost is definitely a big deal, but initially, it will be a bit difficult process for you if you go through free otherwise paid version is also available.

There is always free traffic and quality traffic, but what I recommend is quality traffic because after all, you have to grab them all and convert them later where free and untargeted traffic is not give you enough good results.

If you have thousands of leads and 700+ out of them are dead, it doesn’t make any sense. So grab the filtered traffic and make your way easier.

Cheers! 🙂