Do you know the global market is BOOMING with lifestyle bloggers and if you are a lifestyle blogger or want to be a lifestyle blogger and having some queries then you are exactly in the right place.

There is no doubt that millions of lifestyle bloggers are making millions of content every day with their creative lifestyle blog post ideas but how you can create some creative, extra-ordinary or super powerful content for your blog, that’s what I am gonna tell you.

I know you are most of you guys are struggling with your lifestyle blog for finding more ideas about to write, but eventually, you got disappointed with searching for the ideas.

But now I’ll give you things that are going to be changed because I made 123+ exclusive lifestyle blog post ideas that can help you to dominate the market and energize your SEO.

So, let’s go to some deep analysis!

Note: This article is enough for all your queries about your lifestyle blog post ideas that need to be cover in your content. You can serve better to your audience with these trending lifestyle ideas.

What Is a Lifestyle Blog?

A lifestyle blog is all about sharing your everyday activities with your blogs. And if we dig out more then, in a lifestyle blog you can share your thoughts and experiences that your audience love.

It is all in one category blog where you can share your personal lifestyle things like – favourite recipes, diet, favourite food items, decorating ideas, family, homemade crafts, fashion, home, beauty, makeup, etc.

In short, a lifestyle blog is all about your own way of living and sharing your activities. That’s all!

How do You Start a Successful Lifestyle Blog?

As I told you, lifestyle blogging is about connecting your audience with your own lifestyle activities. Here one thing, if you already get those people who are following you, they will always ask you some questions about your lifestyle.

And if got those kind of audience then you are on the right track because audience are starting engaging.

Like all other blogs, a lifestyle blog is also starting from zero and by the flow of time, you can grab your audience by sharing interesting facts.

For that, you can drive your audience from Instagram, Pinterest and any other platform where these people are engaging.

After a good amount of time, people will start engaging in your blog and asking more about your lifestyle. if you think that it will take time to grow then the answer will be NO.

Pro Tip: A blog is only growing when the audience starts engaging in your content and if you making more valuable content with proper research and giving your best efforts to make it rank-able then you can start getting traffic from Google also.

Don’t worry about the growth, because I’ll give you some ninja techniques and lifestyle blog post ideas to grow your blog in some months.

The interesting thing about a lifestyle blog that I love is, you can add almost any kind of topic to your blog and give a boost to your blog.

The sub-niches that are considered as top-grossing are also broad niches that you can even specify to sub-sub-niches.

As you got that, in lifestyle blog, people are going through your daily life activities and not just daily life but also you can add some knowledge-based content that adds value to your users’ life.

if you want to research topics for a lifestyle blog then I recommend you to do research with Hobbies, Fashion, Food, Drink, Music, Movies, DIY, Beauty, etc. Because in for `lifestyle blog these are some best grossing topics in the market.

But if you want to research full market and choose the top trending blog topics in your way then here are all the lifestyle blog topics that you can go with:

  • Hobbies
  • Fashion
  • Food + Drink
  • Music
  • Movies
  • DIY
  • Beauty
  • Travel
  • Gardening
  • Finance
  • Student Life
  • Special events
  • Pets
  • Family + Parenting
  • Health + Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Technology
  • Current News
  • Science
  • Home Decoration

Most of these are some girly blog ideas that can helpful for girls who are interested to start their own way of living blog.

Now the interesting part comes!

I made 13 absolutely amazing lifestyle blog post ideas, that are actually evergreen ideas and which can make your blog really active over the years.

13 Incredible Evergreen Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

I hope you already knew about what are evergreen blog ideas, but if you don’t know then these are some ideas that are never ever dying.

Usually when we create blog posts then we are just focusing right now stage and we write about how things are working right now.

But in the evergreen article’s case, things are going exactly the opposite because these contents are not focusing on a specific time zone.

These are informative content that is mainly created for sharing knowledge. These are also not targeted to a specific audience.

Lifestyle bloggers can use this for creating evergreen lifestyle blog content for sharing their thoughts around their future planning, career, motivation and there are lots of things that can be done from these.

These ideas will be all about your lifestyle but try to give some solid tips and techniques that will help your audience that if they’ll face these situations then how they can come across.

Let’s take a look, what are these evergreen ideas!

1. About your career performance

You can write about your career in which you can mention some of your goals and activities that you are going to take a step in and make happen.

Also, you can add your dream companies that are making you excited when you think about them and can write a short description about them.

2. Interesting facts about you

You can mention some of your facts about your life so far. Everybody has some memories or things that are happing in their life and nobody knows about them, and you can mention them as fun.

Thing like what are some weird thing you have done so far, what are some interesting things you did earlier, etc.

3. Things that motivates you

There are lots of things in everybody life that motivates them to take action which takes them towards success.

So you can write about your motivation, from whom you motivate and what are some quotes that motivate you. These kinds of things can give some motivation to your audience.

4. Health tips that you followed in everyday

Health tips can actually helpful and knowledgeable for your audience because these tips make them aware about what are the good things about health and how your audience can take care of themselves.

5. Interesting lifetime events

You can mention your life events that you had a great experience. Like, it might be your birthday event that you had a pleasant moment.

It’s a no-brainer! You just have to write about your favourite life event you have experienced so far.

6. Some biggest challenges you faced

You can write about your life’s some biggest challenges that you faced ever and you can describe them in short.

Also, you can give your audience some tips about how they can also take them off from these situations if they’ll face them.

7. How you manage your time

Time management is a very crucial thing in life and if you do it properly then you can get success in any kind of field you are in.

So you can give your time management schedule to your audience to motivate them that how they can also make their time managed and how they can do all their work.

8. Self-Improvement tips

Self-improvement is very necessary in this growing world. In this topic, you can give your opinion of how you improved yourself and managed all your work.

It gives a positive impact on audience and they will also make their mindset to improve themselves. You can use these lifestyle ideas to give addition knowledge about self-improvement

9. Daily life cooking tips

Here you can give your cooking tips in which you can maintain your foods and recipes. It can give your audience an idea about, how you are maintaining your cooking in daily life.

10. Best travel spots

Everybody loves travelling and here you can take advantage. You can mention your favourite travelling spots where you are love travel.

People actually want to know about your travelling spots, so that they can also know about it. The curiosity of the audience is at the top.

11. What’s your all outfits

This is under fashion category where you can mention you outfits of different time of the day.

Like what is the outfit while you are in office, what’s your outfit of day/night, what’s your outfit in different events, etc.

12. Your makeup tips

Every girl loves makeups and with a makeup blog you can mention your daily makeup around your outfits, it can give some makeup ideas to your users.

Topics like what are the makeup products that you are using, what are the makeup hacks that you prefer, etc.

13. Photography tips that you follow

Photography tips is a great thing that you can share with your audience that how you are taking your good looking pictures and posting them on your social media.

Means what kind of things that you follow to do these things. Things like phone photography, DSLR, selfies tips, etc.

123+ Creative Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas To Write

Usually when we write, the maximum time we focus on the content and forget about adding some creativity to our post.

And that time we lost most of our audience. Because the audience needs something creative and interesting that give them some value and proper knowledge without making them boring.

And if you make your content like that them I am pretty sure that you can grab most of your targeted audience.

This is applicable not only lifestyle blog but to all kind of blogs that are data-driven blogs and sharing knowledge to their audience. Also, these are lifestyle content ideas for Instagram either.

These lifestyle ideas are also impact your SEO because by using just a few link building techniques you can take your blog to sky-high.

So, here are all the lifestyle blog categories which contains 123+ lifestyle blog topics that you can go with.

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

As I said to you, in lifestyle blogging, there are many sub-niches that are also profitable and you can go with them. As because those sub-niches are quite broad, you can specify them to even more sub-sub-niche.

Sub niches like skincare, nail care, makeup products, etc. For beauty bloggers, these ideas can be profitable.

  • Day vs night makeup routine
  • How to Get Started With Nail Art
  • 10 Things You Need to Know About Beauty
  • 5 Habits of People With Great Skin
  • How to Build Your Makeup Collection
  • My Daily Skincare Routine
  • The Best Budget Beauty Products
  • 7 Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands I Love
  • My 10-Minute Makeup Routine
  • 7 Affordable Beauty Brands I Love
  • 10 Beauty Must-Haves Under $20
  • The Best Places to Shop for Affordable Beauty
  • 5 Drugstore Makeup Brands to Try
  • 15 of My Favorite Nail Art Looks
  • How to Figure Out Your Skin Type
  • 10 Natural Skincare Products to Try This Year
  • The Ultimate Guide to Beauty for Beginners
  • How to Find Your Beauty Style
  • Favourite beauty products
  • Your daily beauty routine

Fashion Blog Post Ideas

The fashion niche is under the lifestyle blogging category and as you know the fashion niche is really a great niche which huge competition.

It is one of the broadest niches in history. There are also many sub-niches that you can follow like, Personal Style, Luxury Fashion, Budget fashion, Seasonal Fashion, etc.

For fashion bloggers, these ideas can be profitable.

  • Footwear essentials
  • Your jewellery collection.
  • How to get a luxe look for less.
  • Your top tips for buying luxury fashion.
  • Your favourite luxury fashion stores.
  • Seasonal sale picks.
  • What to wear to a festival.
  • Your most worn items.
  • Your luxury fashion wishlist.
  • How to wear a specific trend on a budget.
  • Your thrift/ charity shop finds.
  • Your favourite luxury fashion items.
  • What to wear to a wedding.
  • What to wear to a Christmas Party.
  • Work from home outfits
  • Capsule wardrobe ideas
  • Fashion trends for the season
  • Day to night outfits
  • Fashion trends you’re loving this year
  • Holiday/ vacation lookbook.
  • Seasonal trend roundups.

Self-improvement Blog Post Ideas

Self-improvement is very necessary in this growing world and if you want to share some knowledge about self-improvement them these ideas that I mention below will help you.

Self-improvement is a very good niche with the best profitability in future. Some of the self-improvement sub-niches are productivity imprudent, goal setting, work ethics, mindset, etc.

  • How to stop wasting time
  • Difficult changes you’ve made in your life.
  • Tips for mental health
  • How to get motivated to work
  • Life lessons to learn before your 30’s
  • Tips for better sleep
  • How to enhance creativity
  • How you found your purpose in life
  • How to improve spiritual health
  • How to find inspiration for writing
  • Time-saving life hacks
  • Money-saving tips
  • Bad habits to break
  • Tips for staying positive
  • Personal changes you’ve made and how you’ve grown
  • How to get more done in less time
  • Tips for falling asleep
  • How to set realistic goals
  • How to become a morning person
  • Habits of successful people

Travel Blog Post ideas

travel niche is really interesting niche where you can give knowledge regarding travel and also give you audience some suggestion of, while travelling how they can get back 100% of their money they paid.

It is a very crucial things that almost all travellers searched for, because no one wants to waste their money for nothing.

In travel niche, you can go with lots of sub-niches like Bike riding, cycling, Mountaineering, etc.

  • Best cities in specific countries
  • Cheap places to stay
  • Your travel bucket list
  • Most recent road trip/holiday
  • Travel essentials
  • Best vacation ideas for families
  • Things to do in your city
  • Museums tour
  • Water parks tour
  • Best dessert restaurants
  • vegetarian restaurants
  • Places with specific features
  • Best time to visit places
  • What to wear for specific trips
  • How to pack a suitcase for one week/month
  • Top travel destinations you’ve visited
  • Minimal packing ideas for travel
  • Hiking, camping and backpacking
  • Festivals Trip

Blogging and Social media Blog Post Ideas

Blogging and social media usage is increasing day by day and if you want to create your blog around this then you should go with it.

The users are often searched in Google that how to grow their social media accounts, how they can involve in the blogging field, these kind of search queries are on top and if you are making your blog then it might be got popular.

For Blogging and Social media bloggers, these ideas can be profitable for you.

  • Create a roundup of your best posts
  • Your favourite bloggers to follow
  • Your thought about what blogging will be like in future
  • Tips and tricks for guest posting
  • Your favourite Instagram posts
  • SEO essentials and basics
  • eBay tips for selling and buying
  • Tips for growing your social media accounts
  • Tips for how to do email marketing
  • Gorgeous fonts for bloggers and social media mavens
  • Tips for a business beginner
  • Pinterest ideas that you want to recreate/your renditions
  • How to start a YouTube channel
  • Favourite blogging groups
  • Your favourite hashtags
  • Favourite blogging books + courses
  • Tips for creating YouTube content
  • Tips for beginner photography
  • How to avoid distractions
  • Favourite phone apps
  • How to use Instagram
  • Tips for social media
  • Tips for making money online
  • Favourite sponsored content you’ve been involved in
  • Blogging tips for the beginner to advance

Food Blog Post Ideas

There are millions and even billions of people who exist in the world who are actual foodies. If you are thinking of starting a blog around a food niche then you are going in a profitable thought.

There are thousands of food blog post ideas that exist but here these some profitable ideas that give you a good amount of audience engagement so that you can grow your blog.

  • Best keto/vegan/gluten-free/specific diet recipes
  • Share the cookbooks you’re crushing on at the moment
  • Your favourite cheat meals
  • Try a difficult recipe/technique you’ve always wanted to try and write about it
  • Write a recipe round-up (with proper permissions and credits, of course)
  • Review a local restaurant/bakery
  • How to save big time on groceries
  • Potluck meal ideas
  • Photography tips for food
  • Write a seasonal post/recipe
  • Share your favourite food blog sites
  • Replicate a recipe and write about the experience/outcome
  • Write a post about your baking/cooking essentials
  • Create a recipe series based on a single ingredient
  • Share a quick baking/cooking tip
  • Favourite coffee + recipes
  • Easy dessert ideas
  • Seasonal dish ideas
  • Delicious recipes with less than 5 ingredients
  • Healthy versions of traditional dishes
  • Review a cookbook
  • Slow cooker recipes
  • Collaborate with another food blogger on a recipe or series of recipes
  • Bake or cook with a family member or friend and blog about it
  • Interview a fellow blogger, baker, or cook
  • Write a post about why you love to cook/bake
  • Recreate a recipe from Pinterest and review it

FAQs Related To Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Here are some frequently asked questions with their answer that are being asked by people. You can rectify your mistakes or got to know something new.

What should I post on my lifestyle blog?

A lifestyle blog is a broad niche and you can choose your specific niche related to your interest. If you haven’t chosen your niche, you should and you can post your daily life activities and grab some audience. In the initial days, people are not interested in your blog, so you need to write something valuable for them.

How do you monetize a lifestyle blog?

There are many monetization methods available in the lifestyle blog like you can set up AdSense, can do affiliate marketing, taking the paid sponsorship or making some of your paid courses that give value to your audience.

How to build a lifestyle blog?

First thing first, you have to choose your niche, then create your blog by choosing the domain and hosting where you can design it specifically for lifestyle blogging. And the next thing is to research your topic that you’ll write about and start making content.

How much money do lifestyle bloggers make?

The more you can engage your audience in your blog, the more money you’ll make through your blog. It varies that how your blog is performing. The monetization methods remain the same but you need to work smart so that you can make more money.

Do personal blogs make money?

Yes, why not. In fact, blogging’s actual meaning is money. But you have to put your total mindset, money, time, effort and ideas so that you can dig out something more and understand the money-making strategy. However, most of the blogger quit in the first year of their blogging carrier because they want money fast.

What are lifestyle categories?

There are many categories in lifestyle blogging like Hobbies, Fashion, Food, Drink, Music, Movies, DIY, Beauty, etc. These are some high grossing ideas that make you money because the audience potential is really great and if you throw some content into the market then no one will beat you.

How do you monetize a small blog?

For small blogs, you can go with micro-niches. You can monetize your micro-niche site with affiliate marketing within some months. Because a micro-niche site with affiliate marketing is the best solution for small blogs. You need to just target some specific audience set in the market. The money is in the micro-niche and if you reach out to those audiences who are actually interested in your content and affiliate product then you are making money within some months.

What to write in a lifestyle blog?

You can mention your daily life activities, your work schedule, your family related things. motivational quotes and many more things that you are doing in a day. Basically lifestyle blog is considered as daily life blog and it is mainly focus into the individual way of living and sharing all those into a blog.

What do lifestyle blog talk about?

Lifestyle blogs can post every kind of content that is going in your life. It might be your travel content, Hobbies, Fashion, Food, Drink, Music, Movies, DIY, Beauty, etc. You can also make a category and arranged all the items serially and server to your user. If you post regular content in your blog then make sure to add some tips, tricks and hacks which gives some value to users so that they will engage ever more easily.


Starting a lifestyle blog is very easy and it’s a no-brainer! But as this niche has lots of sub-niches and those sub-niches have even more specific sub-sub-niches which have seriously huge profitability.

And if you want to go with those sub-niches, you can research the market as you can get more about all the monetization methods and competition.

Keep Blogging, keep hustling!