Hey, do you panic about your site’s SEO?

Then don’t worry. Because here I am going to cover a powerful SEO technique that can boost your site’s SEO score at a glance.

Have you heard about Skyscraper technique; if yes then you are going to get some benefits and if not then this particular post will definitely help to increase your site rankings.

I generally use this Skyscraper technique for off-page SEO cum link building. There are lots of marketers who have already implemented it on their blog and have gained significant SEO growth.

Let’s dive in!

What Is The Skyscraper Technique?

This is a link building strategy where you can connect with existing popular content and replicate the backlinks to your site.

You just need to create the best article with well researched and well organized. So that you can ask these popular content owners to link back to you instead.

Steps For Skyscraper Technique

If I drill down all the points then,

  • Find your niche related content with lots of backlinks
  • Create your content way better than that content
  • Reach out to people who linked back to that content
  • Tell them about your content for linking

This is a technique found by Brian Dean in 2015, and by this technique, he doubled his organic traffic in just 14 days.

From this you can guess how powerful this technique is?

Have you ever walked by a really tall building and said to yourself: “Wow, that’s amazing! I wonder how big the 8th tallest building in the world is.” Of course not. It’s human nature to attract the best. And what you’re doing here is finding the tallest “skyscraper” in your space and slapping 20 stories to the top of it.

Brian Dean, Backlinko.com

How To Perform The Skyscraper Technique

Again, here I explained all the points that covered above briefly.

When you often search in google for some queries, then Google shows you some relevant content around your topic.

Have you ever wonder that the results that are appearing at the top are either with lots of backlinks or have an in-depth article.

If there is an in-depth article with fewer backlinks then it may be an authoritative website. But our vision is to find articles with lots of backlinks.

For that, you can use SEMrush tool. It is a paid tool with insane results and can increase your site ranking in a snap. Let’s see how you can find relevant content with lots of backlinks.

In SEMrush’s dashboard; Go to the Keyword overview section and there you can find your query. For example – “Digital marketing tips” is my keyword.

  • Save

Then scroll down to the SERP section. You can see a lot of websites ranked for that particular keyword. So now you can clearly see that the matrices are shown on the right side of every website that ranked at the top.

  • Save

As you can see, the websites contain lots of backlinks. You need to find the top websites with high backlinks. Here in this case, ‘webfx.com’ contains high backlinks.

Here you need to find our those websites which are giving backlinks to the site which you found in SEMrush.

  • Save

Here, click on the backlinks and you’ll redirected to the backlink analysis tool section. After all these things, find those websites which give backlinks from the text with do-follow tag.

For that you need to apply a simple by just clicking on the ‘show only follow links’ and by type, you can select text. That’s all.

  • Save

After it, you can able to see all those links from the external sources which are do-follow and from the content.

You can reach out to those site owners and tell them to link your site instead of the site you found. To do that, you need to create better content from the existing linked content.

I’ll explain all the things in this post just stay till the end.

3. Check Content for Further Redefining

The next step would researching that particular content if that can further modified or not.

For that, you have to research the topics which if that can be further added to that particular article. Basically, you need to find extra ideas around that topic.

Things you should keep in mind while researching a particular content:

  • Check out other content too in SERP that can be beneficial for further ideas!
  • Check if it’s possible to add extra things or update things that can be good?
  • Can you make all the mistakes right, that made in the main article?
  • Is the article enough, or can you add some other things?

So, these are some things that can be helpful for writing articles whether it be your casual article or for applying any technique like skyscraper technique.

4. Make Something Even Better

Making something even better means you need to analyze first what kind of content those websites are written, as a result, the other website owners are happy to link back to your articles.

First, you have to research in a better format that can cover almost all the things at once.

Keep these basic things simple in your mind:

  • Don’t mess up all the things; note down everything in a notepad
  • First, pick your main topic and write it down
  • Find the relevant ideas from other articles, from google LSI keywords or from Quora
  • Make everything understandable even better from already ranked content
  • Make your content lengthy from other content.

Pro Tip: As I mentioned, your content should be lengthy, meaning you need to keep it understandable. It should not be like, other blogs made 30 points article which is super awesome and you made 50 points article which is pointless. So keep it natural & should be valuable.

Here I shared something interesting.

You have to understand some important things before applying this technique.

  • Trends: Create content based on the trends, means don’t add old techniques which are outdated. Those are useless. Use some working methods which are working now.
  • Length: As I told you, Length should be better than others and contain some value, but it should make sense.
  • Design: Your content should look appealing so that users can read further. Because in most cases readers scan the content and aren’t impressed with the structure.
  • Up to date: Your content should be up to date. As you know, people don’t want to read outdated content or outdated methods that are clearly not going to work further.

5. Reach Out to Blog Owners

This is a very interesting part of this article.

The only best way you can reach out to the blog owners is through email. If you can find emails of them in their blog, then it’s good; but if you cannot find them, then use Hunter to find the emails from a particular blog.

It is a free tool that can be useful for finding emails from any website if available. With this, you can simply email them about your article.

First, you need to assure that they give do-follow links to all the useful content because sometimes the scene is exactly opposite from your point of view.

After it, tell them all the things related to your post and why your post is better than other blogs that are linked to their articles.

And last but not the least, appreciate their blogs by reading their recent contents; it’ll create a positive impact around their mind.

Now It’s Your Turn

In my opinion, it is one of the best off-page SEO techniques that I and many other bloggers use for their site. You have to put some effort and reach out to people to get better results.

Master it! Because this well-known technique can build your relationship with other blog owners.

Anyways, now if you get the idea behind this technique, then go and implement it. It can boost your SEO score, site rankings, traffic and lots of things can be done.

So keep Blogging and keep hustling.

Cheers! 😀